Bali is filled with amazing and clear waters, in addition to other natural landscapes and beautiful sandy beaches. A trip to Bali is, therefore, incomplete without experiencing some awesome water sports activities. Trying out water sports Bali is a must.

It not only provides you endless enjoyment but also helps you forget the troubles of life. These calm shores will take off the burden on your shoulders and help you relax. There are plenty of water sports activities in Bali. Here, I have enlisted some for your convenience.

Scuba Diving

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the lush surface of the ocean? Well, here is your chance to explore aquatic life in the blue waters of Bali. Marine plants, shells, coral reefs, sharks, etc. are a joy to watch. It is one of the most common water sport, here in Bali.


The waves here in Bali are best suited for surfing. Not too low, not too high. That’s the reason why many people come here for the sole purpose of surfing. However, they might have many interesting things to do.

Jet Skiing

If you want to pierce through the waves with monstrous power and speed, then jet skiing is here for you. Riding on the waves have never been easier. With jet skiing, you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.


If you are not comfortable with going deep into the sea but still want to see marine life, try snorkeling. Waters in Bali are so clear that everything is as visible as sunlight.


Want to go on an adventure filled ride with your gang, then try rafting. Many people find it challenging and rightly so. It tests your stamina, adrenaline, and enthusiasm at the high level.


One of the most entertaining sports in Bali. As you fly above the waves, you experience a view of a lifetime. These beautiful waves of sunlight are a joy to watch.

Fly Fishing

A newly developed sport in Bali, fly fishing is becoming popular by the day. As you ride on an air-filled rubber boat carried by a speedboat, you can enjoy the clear waters of Bali.

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