Israel has the privilege of being blessed with three seas, i.e., The Dead Sea, The Red Sea and The Mediterranean Sea. Due to this reason, Israel has some of the best and beautiful beaches of the world. When you have hired the best tour operator in Israel, no one can deny you the pleasure of visiting these ten beautiful beaches.

 Beit Yannai Beach 

This beach is one of the calmest spots for the tourists. The place is ideal for camping and overnight picnics. Moreover, the ancient ruins are well the eucalyptus grooves can also be visited by the tourists who are located nearby.

Coral Reef Beach 

This is one of the best beaches for snorkeling. As the name suggests itself, beautiful coral reefs can be observed by the tourists while snorkeling.

Banana Beach 

This beach is located in the west along the shorelines of Tel Aviv. The attractions on this beach include singing and dancing drum circles during the sunset.

Mineral Beach

As the name suggests itself, the muds on the beach of this did sea reasonably rich in minerals. This mud serves as a natural jacuzzi for the tourists.

Dado Zamir Beach

This beach is a perfect hang out place with some amazing attractions. It includes a dance arena, surfing friendly, and even a small pool to keep the toddlers busy. The beach also has internet access to post about all your beach shenanigans.

Sironit Beach 

This beach is located on one of the longest coastlines of Israel, Netanya. The beach is equipped with an elevator that goes down to the beautiful beach from the top of a cliff. The waters are safe for swimming almost for the whole year.

Metzitzim Beach 

Previously known as Sheraton Beach, this beach has a calm and warm environment due to an artificially made lagoon. There are different areas of the beach that are dedicated for pet owners to bathe their dogs.

Dor Habonim Beach 

The natural lagoons on this beach along with cliffs to satisfy the climbing needs of your adventurous children, this beach is the perfect place for your outings.

Dolphin Reef 

Visiting this beach can help you in getting up close and personal with the dolphins. Either relax under the umbrella or swim with the dolphins, this beach tends to get crowded because of these major attractions.

Aqueduct Beach

This beach resides among the ancient Roman ruins. The place is neither crowded nor have any restaurants. This beach is perfect for a calm and romantic getaway for couples.