Besides hotels and food, one of the costliest features of going for a vacation is paying airfare, and it’s one expense you really can’t get out of. Though all airlines serve to fly you to your desired destinations, it would be entirely untrue to claim that the service they provide is equal and without comparison.

Choosing the right airline for your travels is essential, and these are all the things you need to keep in mind before buying a ticket:

Price is key

The first (and most obvious) thing you need to look out for before buying a ticket is how much it will cost you. Everyone travels on a budget, and you need to draw a line as to how much you’ll be willing to pay for airfare that’ll leave enough cash actually to enjoy yourself on your vacation.

Opting for a cheaper airline or a lower class may not be a pleasant ordeal, but it beats having to shorten your stay because of all the extra money your flight cost.

Compare among other airlines

While finding cheap flights is a concern for many of us, there are some to whom price is only secondary, and to whom comfort and service take precedence. Even if you were traveling on a budget, you still want to get the most value out of your money and select the best possible airline within your spending power.

For this purpose, comparing airline packages amongst one another on a travel guide website is the best way to find the right airline for you. These tools let you quickly compare between any two airlines, the features they provide within the budget you set, and what you can expect the cabin to look like on the inside; in short, everything you’ll need to make your decision.

The right time to buy

Signing up for airfare alerts on a travel guide website is the best way to stay informed of any upcoming deals on airfare. Many people plan their vacations around when these discounts on airfare will be available to take full advantage of these offers.

Keeping these discounts and deals aside; however, it is essential to book your tickets well before you plan to go on vacation. A period of 6-8 weeks before your vacation plans is usually a good timespan; since the later, the tickets are bought, the higher their prices tend to go up (especially during the holidays).