Denmark’s’ history spurs up an image of cold winters and Vikings with helmets full of the horn. However, the present is nothing of the sort. Hosting one of the most party-filled cities in the world, Denmark is a popular tourist destination for students in the locality to have a good weekend.

Here are a few cities you should keep in mind if you plan on visiting Denmark anytime soon. Each city might portray a different facet of Danish culture, so it’s up to you to go for whichever one you like and experience Denmark like never before!

  • Copenhagen

Along with being the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is also referred to as the party capital of the world. Found in 1167, this city is an amalgamation of several things such as cozy cafes, breathtaking architecture, and awesome beer! The harbor also faces Øresund, which is what separates Denmark from Sweden.

  • Aalborg

Not geared to be much of a popular tourist destination, the university town is notable for hosting the largest carnival in northern Europe. Since there aren’t many attractions, you’re likely to get a glimpse of the classical, old-world charm that isn’t found in many big cities these days.

  • Aarhus

Hosting a long history, this is a popular tourist destination if you’re an enthusiast for local cuisines and food. Since Aarhus is also Denmark’s’ principal port, the fresh seafood available here is unparalleled and is a must try for any visitor.

  • Esbjerg

Esberj is a city that represents the modernity of the local region and provides an ideal opportunity for visitors and tourist to shop and go for other entertainment opportunities, such as museums and shopping malls. While at it, visit the North Sea Islands, with its long sandy beaches and dunes.

To get close to a country’s or city’s culture, it is important to blend in and resonate with the local traditions. A famous one in Denmark is going to pubs. These pubs are often run by local people. Fancy yourself to a Bodega and earn the game of dice and you’ll find yourself amongst locals who want to play with you since Dice is a pretty famous pastime in Denmark.

To facilitate your trip, several services are provided which would remove hindrances and technicalities in your visit, such as penge I weekenden. Refer to these whenever you plan to visit and you’re guaranteed to have a great time!