Although a cheap priced insurance may seem tempting, however, it shouldn’t be the only factor while considering your insurance policy. Like any other commodity purchase, multiple factors need to be considered. Here is a checklist to help you get the best auto insurance policy.

  1. Extent of Cover

It’s a key factor while considering car insurance policy. It refers to what your policy covers you for; such as theft, damage to the car or other people’s car, towing in case of an accident and other factors.

Your choice of coverage should determine how much premium you should be paying to the insurer and how much they will pay in case you make a claim later.

  1. Choosing the Right Policy

There are two types of policies; comprehensive and third party. A comprehensive policy covers damages to your car and other people’s car damages as well. It provides full insurance under AA insurance. Whereas third party insurance is for people that don’t have a relatively expensive car and would like to pay a less premium for their insurance – less than a cup of coffee per week.

  1. How Claims will be Settled

In case of an accident where your car isn’t in a repairable condition. It’s important to know how your claims would be settled. Would they be settled at market value or agreed value? In market value, your car price is evaluated at that time frame, and you’ll be surprised to see the evaluation.

You’ll certainly feel ripped off as you might have been paying premiums greater than what you should have. Agreed value insurance is a much better option as it is pre-determined and your claim would also move forward quickly.

  1. Check Quality of Repairs

Most claims require that the car is repaired rather than replaced. Therefore, it’s imperative to check with the insurer the quality and process of repair and compare accordingly. You don’t want a low-quality repair of your parts that will put you in more trouble in the future. Asking the insurer all these things beforehand is important so you don’t end up with nasty surprises that may infuriate you.

Why choose MexicanInsuranceStore?

The insurer provides A+ rated insurance to its customers with clearly defined terms and conditions. It’s a quality choice of Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadian tourists and other potential customers. With their new Chubb Standard, you’ll get $300,000 liability limit for the same premium of $100,000.

You’ll also be getting free roadside assistance with any policy of your choice. It’s a tremendous add-on as it’ll give you peace of mind as a driver and you won’t get ripped off by third party tow drivers.

Also, their policies provide extensive coverage to the customers while giving eight different industry options. You can choose a policy that suits best to your needs and requirements. Another great option is that you can choose the repair place according to your liking, so you’re sure that you get a quality repair.

Other policies only allow repair work in Mexico which might be quite troublesome. If you get into an accident with an uninsured driver, your collision deductible is waived off.

You can purchase your insurance policy within three steps only; put car information, pay with credit card and print policy rules and information. It’s that simple! Also, their customer service is immaculate as reviewed by previous customers as well. They are available 24/7 to adhere to any of your queries and questions regarding insurance policy.

They don’t charge additional fees or anything apart from what was agreed upon at the start of policy purchase. That is why they have an excellent repute in the industry and amongst customers as well.