If you are planning a trip to Canada, there are different places you can visit in that area. However, if you have a short time for visiting Canada and you want to visit only one city, then it should be Toronto.

This is one of the big city of Canada with so many natural and architectural beauties. There are different things you can do as a tourist. Most of them are so exciting, and you will have a good memory for sure.

If You Don’t Know What To Do In Toronto, Then Follow This Checklist:

1. Go Over the Edge

If you want to enjoy a huge waterfall in Toronto, then you should visit the place which is around 90-minute drive from the central city. You can get the view from the top the table rock site. Or, you can also enjoy this from a helicopter ride. This is on the border of the United States and Canada so that you will love it for sure.

2. CN Tower

If you want to watch the famous landmark of Toronto, you should visit this tower. For the best view, go to this place at night. You can see this architectural beauty from almost every place in Toronto.

You can reach to the top of this tower with two elevators. It is around 447 meters from the surface. If you need some extra adventure, then go to the walkway to the top of this tower.

3. Art Gallery of Ontario

This is the famous art gallery of the city. This is a modern building with an extensive collection of art. In every month of the year, there are some exhibitions arrange in the museum. This is the best place for the collections of Canadian, European and African and Oceanic art. Also, there is a large collection of Canadian paintings.

4. High Park

Want to spend your afternoon in a calm place? Then go to this park. The gardens, natural ponds and different types of trees will make you happy. The area of this park is 165-acre. If you are visiting this place in July and August, then you will get the chance to enjoy open-air theater in Toronto’s High Park.

5. Toronto Islands

This is a good place for an outing, and it is the nearest place in Toronto. You can enjoy the place by swimming, sailing, rowing and other outdoor activities. In summer, you will find different open-air events in the Islands.