Better known as Club World, the British Airways Business Class has garnered quite a reputation for being one of the finer players in this domain. It is also a good example of how far airline luxury has progressed, so much so that the simple division of traveling style in Economy, First Class and Business no longer holds; you get a multitude of subdivisions in each category instead.

However, this is going to be an exclusive British Airways business class review, as we peer into the nuts and bolts of this enigmatic and much talked about airline category. By the end of this review, you will hopefully be able to form a much more thorough opinion on the service and therefore make much better decisions concerning selecting the right service to avail to travel extravagantly.

The seats are grand

And I don’t say that lightly either! You don’t get your average comfortable airline seat; more than that, you get one that can go all the way from straight seat to form a flatbed with a footrest and anything in between of course.

Furthermore, the seat is reminiscent of something straight out of a billionaire’s private jet, as it comes along with a slide out table, foldable TV screen with a plethora of entertainment options and a decent amount of overhead storage space. There is even a drawer present to store your possessions, be they high-end laptops or cheap magazines.

The food is decent

While the presentation is certainly laudable (food is served on elegant white tablecloths) and passengers are given the liberty to enjoy a meal in peace, the quality of food isn’t spectacular. Airline food, in general, isn’t the best on the planet, and British Airways is no different.

Cabin structure

I strongly believe that this is where British Airways knock it out of the park because it is pretty much one of the most ingenious and passenger-friendly arrangements on the planet. The window and aisle seats are cocooned; that is to say, the middle two seats in the 4,2,2 arrangement face each other.

The great thing is that it gives a fair amount of privacy to those who seek it, but on the flip side, hosts/hostesses and other passengers will have to lean over you to get quite a lot of stuff done, and that can be irritating.


To sum up, BA business class may not be the most comfortable and exquisite service on the planet, but it does give you a unique experience in the sky that will be memorable. Plus, the staff is friendly, the baggage allowance is very generous, and you get a decent set of seats.