On the far south of Jordan, there lies WADI RUM, known as the VALLEY OF MOON.  It has almost a fairy tale setting with all the rippled dunes, clear sky, and Gargantuan rock formation. Because of iron oxide, it is by far the reddest part of Jordan and gives it a dramatic look to the landscape.

Here are some reasons why the wadi rum camping is a magical experience:

  • Sunrise and sunsets are always the perfect time for people who know how to praise nature’s beauty. And guess what! The wadi rum camping is famous for its sunset; the red sand of this beautiful valley adds more to that breathtaking experience. Those stars in the clear sky will make you wonder, is it earth or am I somewhere else.
  • There exist people who do not travel because they do not like the rushy or crowded area, here is the good news, Wadi Rum is the less tourist and less crowd area. And for the people who want to travel in peace, come here and feed your soul with the order.
  • For the historian and the people who love culture, this place is heaven on earth for them. History of this place is so rich, from scattered ruins to remanents of Nabatean society found in 1971. And in same year author T.E. Lawrence wrote ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and introduce this place to the world. The residents of this valley are known as Bedouin, and in the ancient era, they were nomads. In the current time, some of them still live like their ancestors, to preserve the culture and tradition which they are famous for.

Camping at such place not only gives you a beautiful experience but you will get to learn so many things. Camping at such place with us with comfort and love is all a person needs in their traveling experience. WadiRumTours can be the company you need because they can make it your best experience of life because we hold this as a family and we treat you as a family.

This setup is run by a beautiful couple Saleh Musa and his wife Alia with their other family members and kids. Having family doing all the work will make you feel more home-like than your actual one. You do not have to go to some restaurant for food or not to do expansion of making one because Alia takes care of all your food needs.