Besides the obvious advantages of private jet chartering, like unprecedented comfort and luxury, there are actually some practical benefits as well.

Indeed, the industry of corporate travel has changed over the last ten years – mainly because the business industry has demanded a better way to travel domestically and internationally.

Moreover, trying to get a group of executives on a commercial plane last minute can often be extremely challenging and expensive.

Private jet travel is often more efficient and cost-effective, especially if you look at the macro perspective of your cost-benefit analysis. Here are five benefits of chartering a private jet for corporate travel.

It is faster.

Indeed, chartering a private jet is much faster than going commercial. There are many reasons for this, but one the main reasons is that in the commercial travel world, there are lines for everything. First, you have to stand in a line at the security gate, which could take up to two hours.

Then there is a line to get everyone on the plane. When all is said in done, you could already be at your destination if you just went by private jet.

Better security.

Only about four or five passengers can fit on a private jet. If you are flying for a conference or for a meeting, there is a good chance that you are going to know all those people. Not only that, but the pilots that fly jets are heavily screened by the company they work for.

For instance, AVJet Corporation has some of the best private jet pilots in the world. So, you know that terrorism won’t be a threat. Moreover, you know that your bags will be with you when you land.

More productivity.

On a commercial jet – even in first or business class – it can still be hard to get anything done. What if you have to prepare for a meeting? What if you have a conference call? In the business world, you’d probably like to get a break when you finally sink into your plane seat, but that isn’t often the case.

On a private jet, however, you can finish all the work that you need to get done and still perhaps have time for a cocktail or to think about your next power move.


Private jets are often far more comfortable and luxurious than commercial jets. Not only do you get big, plush sets, but you get all the legroom you need.

Not only that, but you get to stretch out, walk around and you have plenty of entertainment. If you are flying overseas for a business meeting, chartering a private jet will be the most comfortable flying experience.

More cost effective.

Many people don’t realize this, but in the grand scheme of things, chartering a private jet may be more cost effective than going commercial.

The reason for this is simple: many private jet companies offer monthly club rates, which are often far less than the total cost of airfare if you were to go commercial.

So, you may want to look into frequent corporate travel packages, because chartering a private jet may become the preferred method of travel for your business.