Language is the most vital factor when it comes to effective communication. The effective communication is only established when both parties understand what is being exchanged especially while you’re traveling in a foreign land.

To cater to this problem, only a person who is native to that region can truly tell how to utter a certain word to convey the message effectively. Therefore, developers came up with a solution named Chatlas which provides the people with the facility to connect with human interpreters and get the message translated right away.

Features of Interpreter App

This app provides interpretation services on the go from anywhere in the world on the mobile app via the internet. The app connects you to the multiple interpreters from all over all the world and the people who understand the language. The interpreters have detailed and extensive knowledge about the translation from multiple languages to a native language.

In this way, you can get the services of the interpreter and get away with the problem of conveying your message effectively. The app is a unique solution to the translation services, and it helps you to get the services right from the person who understands the language and its rules and regulations.

Why Human Interpreters Surpass AI

Unlike any robot or online translation services, it doesn’t involve AI based solution which may have certain exceptions, and it may fail at certain points in time to effectively translate the message. Chatlas helps you to find an interpreter in the app and based on the rating available next to the name of an interpreter; one can choose the person he finds most efficient in the job.

It allows you to call the interpreter and convey him your full intention because only voice call can help transmit the true emotions. The direct communication with the interpreter can help you to convey the message properly, and you may use the speaker of your phone to tell the other person what you meant directly.

Connect from any part of the Globe

It also allows the conference call and helps you to connect across the globe. The conference call helps you to connect with the other person directly via Interpreter, thus making your communications more effective and convenient. The solution is fast, ensures confidentiality and is highly confidential and accessible everywhere.

All the information that you sent via the app is entirely confidential and cannot be compromised. Therefore, it also ensures the security of the user who is using the app and thereby helping the user stay safe.