Carrying a lot of suitcases and luggage bags around is a hefty job, especially if you are sleek and slender women. If you fancy a very versatile trip with zero worries placed on your luggage handling, then investing in a proper women’s traveling backpack is in your best interest.

Choosing a right backpack will not weight you down but choosing the right fit is a little tricky! Let’s get into how to shop a perfect woman’s traveling backpack beyond fancy colors and prints.

Picking the right bag

Women! Choosing the right backpack boils down to your body structure. Men are generally wider than women on shoulders and tend to carry heavy weights on their shoulders. Women, on the other hand, are slender and sleek around the shoulder and torso area and prefer carrying weight around their hips.

With this being said, fancy colors and designs should not be your primary concern when choosing the right backpack! The design must fit your body type. There are four different types of designs available in women’s traveling backpack:

  1. Average Torso, Average Hips: This is the most common design available for women to purchase. If you are an average weight lady, then this is your go-to pick!
  2. Broad Shoulders, Average/Wide Hips: Slightly similar to what men are used, this design should only be considered by women who are bothered by shoulder straps hurting their neck!
  3. Short Torso, Average/Wide Hips: If your recent backpacks trouble is fitting right above your hip area, then this backpack is worth trying. This type sticks comfortably at the back for women with a short torso. Don’t fall for it if you are tall.
  4. Long Torso, Average/Wide Hips: These type of bags usually come in a larger capacity. Finding the perfect weight balance on the hips and shoulders according to your stature is vital. Always try this category of backpacks before buying.

Key Features

Once you have to settle for the right technical design based on your body type, let’s get an insight on critical features a women’s traveling backpack can have:

  • Top-loaded or Front-loaded Zipper: Top-loaded zippers offer only zip at the top which makes bottom items hard to access. Front-loaded zippers feature single zip from top to bottom or two zips to make bottom items accessible.
  • Capacity: Capacity is stated in liters and bags above 55L capacity are not ideal for women due to increased weight that puts stress on shoulders.