If you’re in the process of making vacation plans and you’d like to do something that will give you some quality time with your family members and/or friends, the chance to see several places at once and can provide you lasting memories for years to come, have you ever thought about taking a cross-country road trip?

If this sounds like something that you wouldn’t mind doing, but you’re not sure how you would plan for this type of excursion, you’ve come to the right article. We’re actually going to share with some failsafe tips so that your trip can go off without a hitch below:

1.Research different locations.

When it comes to this great country of ours, there are simply too many “bases to cover” in just one trip. That’s why, before doing anything else, the first thing that we recommend you do is go online to research some of the places you’d like to go.

One website that is pretty helpful is DriveCrossCountry.net. It will literally walk you through some various must-see sights in every region of the United States.

2.Create a budget.

As with any other kind of trip, the next thing that you should do is create a budget. After all, driving across the country either means that you will be staying at a lot of hotels or resorts or you’ll be doing some camping out. Plus, you need to factor in money for gas, eating and even souvenirs.

3.Pack wisely.

Definitely one of the best things about taking a cross-country trip is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about what you’re going to wear. Why? Because your main objective is to be as comfortable as possible. Our recommendation is to take the kinds of clothing that does not easily wrinkle and that you can layer with other pieces.

Jeans, organic cotton shirts, some yoga or sweatpants and a jacket are great for when you’re riding along. Do make sure to pack up a couple of nice things, though. Just in case you decide to eat at a nice restaurant or check out a play in one of the cities that you stop in.

4.Fill up your cooler.

There are literally fast food restaurants at every exit stop. But relying on that fact can put a lot of weight on your body as well as your budget. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a few coolers along that are loaded up with foods that you purchased from your local grocery store or Farmer’s Market before you leave.

It’s cheaper, it’s healthier and being that you won’t have to make quite as many food stops, you can get to where you need to go—sooner.

5.Rent an electric car.

Say that you live in Florida, you purchased some cheap car insurance in FL and therefore, you’re considering taking your car on the journey. We actually advise against that because that will only put more wear and tear on your vehicle.

Instead, rent an electric car. Being that they are made to use a lot less fuel than standard models, that means you will spend less money at the gas station and as an added bonus, you’ll be putting less emissions into the air too. Happy traveling!