Thailand is the world’s second biggest scuba diving industry, based on number of diver certifications issued annually. Only the significantly larger United States with a much larger coastline issues more.

This beautiful country at the heart of South East Asia boasts fantastic golden beaches; crystal clear tropical waters and coral reefs abundant in marine life and bursting with a kaleidoscope of colours. Sounds appealing to any scuba diver?

Here are several good reasons why you should take your PADI Diving Instructor Course in Thailand.

Quality & Standards of training and value for money

Some of the worlds most experienced and active PADI Course Directors are based in Thailand offering cutting edge Instructor Development Courses, on a monthly basis!

Combine this with the number of dive professionals the scuba diving industry needs, along with the intense competition for the best jobs and we have a highly competitive situation where the consumer always wins.

Some of the world’s most successful and popular dive centres are based in Thailand.  These dive centres only choose the very best dive professionals to work for them.

There is as much choice as there is a demand for dive centres due to the sheer number of customers seeking scuba diving adventurers from entry level through to PADI Professional.

With this comes competitive pricing and great service levels, which mean fantastic value for money.

Oh, and the diving isn’t bad either!

Environmental conditions

Thailand offers great diving conditions, plenty of dive sites and a wide variety of destinations to choose from not to mention a 12-month diving season to boot.

With both the east and west coasts boasting well established and world-renowned diving spots you can visit at any time. With the monsoon season on the west coast running between May –August and on the east coast October- November, you can always guarantee great weather and diving conditions at any time!

Whether its Koh Tao for Whalesharks during Feb-May, or the Similan islands for Manta Rays over Christmas time, Thailand has something to offer all divers year round.

Well established, full service scuba diving industry

Thailand has an extremely well established scuba diving industry, which has thrived since the 1980’s when recreational diving really took off in the country on the back of the tourism boom!

Thailand remains an extremely popular tourist destination today, attracting over 25 million tourists annually. This equates to incredible opportunities for dive Instructors, with plenty of jobs on offer and lots of teaching experience to be gained.

Thailand is a hugely popular diving location for travellers from all around the world and the second most popular country in the world where divers choose to ‘get their PADI’!

Job opportunities throughout Asia Pacific

Thailand is the second highest certifying country in the world for PADI certifications and with over 220 PADI Dive centres and another 70 plus SSI dive centres, there are a lot of jobs that need filling.

Not only does this mean great employment opportunities for good quality Divemasters and Instructors, but great mid to long term employment prospects for those that fall in love with this beautiful country, its people, food and culture in addition to scuba diving!

The world’s most densely focused scuba diving industry requires more than just dive instructors and divemasters and there is a range of industry related jobs on offer.

Several of the major equipment manufacturers have a large presence in the country including Mares, Aqualung and Scuba Pro via full service resellers.

Both PADI & SSI have regional offices in Thailand and several of the smaller training agencies also have country managers here too.


Sun, sea, sand and certifications! Thailand offers this and much more for those of you interested in becoming a scuba diving Instructor. Thailand is a land of culture, great food, together with friendly people and superb diving.

Thailand truly is the land of opportunity for anyone with a genuine love for scuba diving along with the right attitude, ambition and the will to succeed.