One of the biggest concerns when planning a vacation abroad is figuring out which hotel to stay at. Since you’ve probably never been to the city or location you’re planning to go this time around; you’re pretty much in the dark here.

However, no matter where you’re planning to spend your holidays, there are three things you can do to find yourself suitable hotels anywhere in the world:

1 – Checking online reviews

The first thing you need to do after scouting a few promising hotels on the web (just google hotels really) is to dive deeper into the web and read all the online reviews you can find on these places.

Though on their own, customer reviews do come off as biased and unreliable, the rating is given to a particular hotel by a large number of people speaks volumes about its service; if many people found a particular hotel lacking in one way or another, you might be better off taking your business elsewhere.

Another great tip is to read the more detailed reviews left by some customers since these can offer greater insight into what your experience at a particular hotel might be like.

2 – Checking hotel comparison sites

Stuck between two or more good hotel choices. You can only pick one, so why not head over to travel guide sites and use their hotel comparison tools?

They let you compare any two hotels side-by-side to help you figure out which option would be best suited to your needs. They may even bring up a few alternative hotels that may be better suited to you than the ones you selected to compare in the first place.

3 – Calling the hotel and negotiating a better deal

Good cheap hotels are not accessible to come by, and it’s very likely that the hotel you want to book a room in may be a tad out of your budget. However, instead of moving on to a less expensive (but objectively worse) option, why not ring the hotel up first? Tell them on the phone that you want to book a room at the hotel but want to negotiate for a better deal.

It may be helpful to play a harmless bluff, saying you have cheaper alternatives to try if they don’t like your deal. They may not necessarily indulge you, but it’s still worth a shot.