Being a middle-class man, flying first class has always seemed like a far-fetched idea. Once scouting through different airline fares, I had lost all hope that it wasn’t meant for me. The simple reason was that it was just too damn expensive. However, I wanted to learn if the prices of these airlines are justified.

Fortunately, I landed up at INVOLUNTARY REROUTE, and it shifted my perception of First Class travel completely. The podcasts on the site not only helped clear some major misconceptions for me but the first class travel seemed rather affordable. A few of these misconceptions that I (and most people) have are listed below.

Misconception #1 – First Class Travel Means Better Service Hence the Price Justification

Although this has some validity in it that first class flights are rather better than the economy and business class. However, the prices aren’t justified at all. Airlines were regulated a few years back, however, once the regulation was lifted the prices hiked up enormously. Also, if Airlines portray that First Class seats are so sought after then why do some of these airlines travel with empty first class seats?

Misconception #2 – Air Fares Rise Enormously as Booking Date Arrives

We’ve all seen that airfares aren’t regulated and would be rising continuously. This implies that the seats of these airlines are almost full meaning more demand for them. In reality, that’s not the case. These airlines do market manipulation resulting in such price hikes.

I registered myself for the podcasts, and it was certainly a great decision. It gave me all insights on understanding the airline fare system along with other services. It helped me book the first class ticket for the first time in my life, and it was certainly an awesome experience. The best part about this was that it wasn’t difficult to learn. All of these were podcasts with zero reading material so listening to it was pretty easy.

One thing I certainly love about the site is the exclusiveness of the podcasts available over there. The podcasts are designed for you as an individual and to your particular profession which is certainly great. You don’t have to scout through an endless list and choose whatever suits best to you. It’s certainly a win-win situation for you. The podcasts cover a wide range of topics which is certainly really helpful as well. I would recommend you guys to check it out and see its effectiveness yourself.