Until now, you may have considered the business class to be a luxury only celebrities, and big-shots could afford, and never considered it for yourself.

But after reading this article, you may change your mind and decide to try the business for yourself. Believe me, if you travel in business once, you will never travel in the economy again. Airplane companies go overboard with the amount of comfort they provide to their Business and First-class customers.

Continue reading to find out the perks of Business class and why you should always fly Business.

  1. Your flight will seem shorter

When the flight begins, no captain announces; “Dear crew, the flight will last 12 hours for economy class, and 5 and ½ for Business!” But traveling in comfort will make the flight seem much shorter than it is. You will notice the difference more on longer flights.  With 50 cm flat-screens and noise-canceling headphones, the Business class will provide the facilities to make traveling a breeze.

You will also have priority check-in, be the first to leave the airplane after landing, so you’ll be the first to enter the immigration and customs queues. Even your luggage will be the first to come off the belt.

  1. You will be able to sleep easily

Business seats have way more room than economy class. This is no secret. But did you know some companies even have bunks for sleeping? Even if you wish to sleep on your seat, seats can fully recline to form a bed. With less chance of encountering noisy kids and comfy seats, you’ll get the same quality of sleep you get at home.

  1. Business keeps getting better

The Act requiring Us Federal Aircraft Administration to establish minimum seat sizes and minimum distances between the rows to protect the health and safety of passengers was due to a reason. Airline companies try to fit maximum seats into economy class and will never fit nine seats where they can stuff in 10! That’s how bad things have been getting in the economy.

On the other hand, because Business class customers will fuss about little things such as lumpy seats and badly seasoned food, thus airplane companies are always taking special care to satisfy their Business customers.

  1. The food and drink is amazing

Food will be served as a proper meal with glasses, plates, knives, and forks. It will be a five-star restaurant quality meal. There is also a large variety of beverages. If you’re sleeping when they‘re serving, you won’t be woken up. Almost all Business class lounges have dine-on-demand services so you can eat when you feel like it.

  1. You get the perks of the business lounge

This includes Wi-Fi, Newspapers, a snack bar, and of course a great chance to network!

  1. Better toilets!

Let’s say that you will be glad for it.

  1. Business class is good for Business

Yes, you heard right. If you’re a businessman/woman, flying in Business class will give you a greater opportunity to network and make connections. You will be flying with people like yourself, who will also be looking for the same opportunity. It will be a great time to expand your connections.

The free Wi-Fi will also make it possible for you to work on the go.

  1. It’s not a waste of money

Flying in business does not have to be an extravagant waste of money….. You need to learn how to catch the cheapest flights. This requires a bit of effort on your part. To find out how to get the best deals, read this article on how to find cheap business class flights.

Good luck flying Business!