Traveling around in Europe is not the easiest thing in the world, what with financial considerations, accommodation issues and adapting to the culture in each place. However, if done right and in as smooth a way as possible, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime.

One of the factors that a tourist must consider before he sets out on this adventure is the financial investment that he will have to make. The better it fits in his or her budget, the lesser the ensuing stress and the more one can relax throughout the journey. Hence, it is imperative that an interested individual accumulate the necessary information concerning cheap and affordable European flights so that he can make the best decisions possible.

Let us take a look at a few seriously Cheap flights from Europe to whet your appetite for learning about many more similar plans.

From the beaches of France to the southern tip of Africa

Meet Iberia, a cheap flight provider which allows you to fly all the way from the quaint French city of Nice to sunny Johannesburg in South Africa for a mere 369 Euros. In case you are wondering, this will be in Economy class and there will be a single stop along the way.

From tulips to Hollywood

If you thought to move to Africa at such an affordable price was impressive, wait till you fly to the heart of USA’s booming entertainment industry. Yes, WOW air allows you to travel from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Los Angeles, for just 332 Euros. Once again, there is going to be a single stop on the way.

From Vienna to Bangkok

Austrian Airlines presents an irresistible offer; fly from the historical and culturally rich city of Vienna to the exotic location of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, for only 449 Euros in economy class. As it happens, this is going to be a non-stop flight, so this is one where you will have to strap in!

From cloudy London to spicy Mexico

Virgin Atlantic has come up with a sizzling offer for all budding tourists who are eying exotic locations for relaxation and that too at a seriously low price. You can fly from London, UK to Cancun, Mexico in economy class for a mere 329 GBP, or almost 368 Euros.