With the celebration of Canada Day yesterday it was impossible to ignore the influx of patriotic, red-and-white themed articles flooding the internet.

From lists of interesting facts and tidbits about Canada to a crazy beer fridge that can only be accessed by singing our country’s national anthem, it was great to see so many different sites getting in on the celebration.

Amid all of our continuous gushing about British Columbia, Travis and I have also made a conscious decision to discover and promote Canada more at Have Blog Will Travel. Sadly, combined we have only stepped foot in 6 of our country’s 13 provinces and territories; even worse, solo we’ve each only explored three provinces in addition to BC.

This is something we want to change moving forward.

To kick things off we thought we’d start with a brief list of Canadian sites, attractions, and cities that give us a serious case of wanderlust:

The Icefields Parkway, Alberta

For two British Columbians this road trip should be a travel prerequisite, yet I’ve never had the chance to fully complete it. Featuring the snow-capped Rocky Mountains in the distance, a high probability of spotting wildlife, and the ability to walk on glaciers, this is one trip we are hoping to undertake as soon as possible.

Churchill, Manitoba

Famous as a destination for Polar Bear watching, a visit to Churchill is the closest these two Canadians will get to a safari experience without entering Africa. Although Manitoba isn’t recognized as a popular tourist destination, we’ve got our eyes set on a visit in the next few years.

Quebec City, Quebec

This July 1st Canada officially turned 147, making it younger than some of the rooms Travis and I stayed in while exploring Europe. With such a young history, most Canadian cities lack a strong sense of history and ornate architecture, but not Quebec City. Add in the chance to gorge ourselves on all the authentic poutine we can stomach and Quebec City sounds like the perfect travel destination!

Newfoundland and Labrador

Since the invention of the word “staycation”, our television channels have been inundated with tourism commercials featuring stunning aerial photography and smooth talking actors for more US states and Canadian provinces than we can count. One of the most appealing of these commercials is for Newfoundland and Labrador and it features some of the prettiest and most colourful fishing villages we’ve ever seen.

Prince Edward Island

The maritime provinces are one area of Canada we definitely want to visit more, and along with Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island (PEI) has really captured our attention.

A few years ago my father took a trip to the area and absolutely fell in love with PEI, so much so that he bought a piece of property on the ocean and started building a cottage for his retirement. With a place to stay, we’d be silly to stay away much longer.

In addition to getting out and discovering more of our home country firsthand, Travis and I have spotted some truly amazing Canadian themed content floating around out there – from stunning photographs on Facebook and Instagram to wonderfully written and detailed stories, guides, and articles about traveling in Canada – that we want to share over and over again until absolutely everyone feels the same way we do about our home country.