There are quite a few Grand Prix Races to travel to throughout the year and all of them will offer a great experience for sure, but today we’ll just look at the top three of them and in particular at the various ways in which you can see them in style.

  •  Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Abu Dhabi race track was added to the Formula One schedule since the 2009 season and the race track has the right to host a Grand Prix until 2016, so there’s still time to plan for a Formula One themed holiday.

One of the easiest ways you can get a trip to Abu Dhabi and access not only the race but some very swanky locations to view the race from, is with Abu Dhabi Grand Prix packages which can include any and all requirements such as accommodations, transportation and access to the various relevant places that you’ll want to see.

Abu Dhabi is a spectacular place, with the race circuit built on a man-made island in a superb location with a harbor right next to the circuit. Abu Dhabi is investing billions in travel infrastructure and is well worth a visit.

  • Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix has been held each year since 1929 on the Circuit de Monaco. This race is generally considered to be the most prestigious race in the world, alongside the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hour Le Mans.

The race track is made up of the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, and it also runs along the famous Port Hercule harbor. The circuit features many elevation changes, tight corners and is generally a narrow course, thus making it one of the most demanding tracks in Formula One racing. Interestingly enough, if the circuit wasn’t already such an old tradition in Formula One, nowadays it wouldn’t be permitted to be added to the season schedule because of safety reasons.

Monaco is abuzz with celebrities and Jetsetters during the race and many people enjoy the race from the deck of a beautiful yacht berthed right by the harbor. Another popular Monaco F1 package option is watching the race from the balcony of the Ermanno Palace Penthouse. This enormous split level terrace is one of the largest private spaces in Monaco and offers views over 70% of the circuit. It is officially the best view of the Monaco Grand Prix.

  • Italian Grand Prix

This race is one of the longest running in the history of Formula One. It has been held since 1950 when it was one of the inaugural Formula One championship races. For most of its history the race has been held at Monza, except for 1980 when it was held at Imola.

For real F1 Racing fans this Travel experience takes some beating. The track offers all the high octane thrills and spills you come to expect from such an illustrious circuit. Plus, before and after the race you get to travel around and explore the beauty of Milan. Perhaps see the Last Supper by Michelangelo or walk the Duomo.

Whichever Grand Prix race you decide to travel to, make sure you do it in style as it is a once in a lifetime trip and will give you great memories for a long time to come.