Traveling away from home need not mean you cannot exercise or workout at a gym. Thanks to Gym Nomad now it is possible to find a local gym in a location away from your home. Many of us love to travel and we also want to work out at a gym in a strange place.

Gym Nomad is there to help you find that gym, and it also offers short-term fitness memberships for short-term visitors.

Having come across the Gym Nomad platform, we loved that it aims for people like us who are visiting a foreign land and who needed to find a gym. Whether it is meditation or MMA, Gym Nomad helps you find the best place for working out.

We came across this site in Amsterdam and it looks like they are finally putting an end to those ridiculous day passes that visitors have to buy when they are visiting a city. Flexible length memberships that you just select a start and finish date like a hotel and you can get a membership for anything up till eight weeks!

Going on vacation and being away from my routine and my gym used to freak me out, so now I hope these guys go everywhere so I can maintain my training and also meet some locals on my travels who also love doing the sports I do.

We loved using Gym Nomad because it offers flexible and direct memberships. These memberships make it easy for travelers like us to find ample opportunity to work out at a local gym. Thanks to these memberships we no longer worried about paying for day passes.

Their memberships vary according to Fitness providers and typically, these memberships are from a single day to two days. We were glad we were allowed to buy memberships for longer.

Of course, there are a few rules you need to follow. For example, before buying their membership, we had to prove that we were visitors. Fortunately, we brought along valid and current identification. Once booked, we got a unique 4-digit code.

The nice thing about buying memberships is that there is no limit to how many memberships you can buy. Just like booking a hotel room, we were asked to select the start date of our membership and also the end date.

We found Gym Nomad to be the perfect platform for travelers like us who were looking to stay current with our training. Founded by two guys, one Swedish and the other Australian, Gym Nomad is perfect for anyone who travels and who wants to maintain his or her training away from home.

The prices charged are very fair and you also have time to meet new people in different cities around the world. Best of all you get to learn new skills in a different location.