When you get ready to go travel somewhere, you need to make sure that you bring the proper items with you. This is especially true if you are traveling out of the country because you will need a passport to leave your country and come back.

But even if you are traveling domestically on airplanes, you should still bring your passport as an easy way to identify yourself.

At the very least, bring your driver’s license because you need to have some form of photo identification with you on the trip. You should also bring your cell phone, so you can contact your loved ones in case something goes wrong or you need help.

Besides bringing proper identification and a cell phone, you should always bring enough clothes and money to last you the duration of the trip that you are taking. The last thing you will want to happen is ending up broke when you get to your destination. Then you will have no way of eating or getting back home.

Besides those necessities, you will want to bring a computer so you don’t get bored during the trip. The computer could simply be a laptop with a charger and a carrying case.You don’t want to throw your laptop in with your luggage of clothes because it could get damaged that way. At least with a laptop case, you can carry it on the airplane with you and use it during your flight. This will also keep it safe and prevent it from getting damaged during the trip.

Lastly, have your itinerary ready to show at all times at the airport. This way you know exactly which plane you are supposed to be on, which will allow you to locate your terminal.

If you are on a connecting flight or had to make a quick flight change, you may only have a few minutes to get to your terminal from the front desk. If you don’t have your itinerary with you, then you won’t have time to get a new one.