Everyone needs a break now and then, especially those of us hard at work at our jobs in the city. While some people can work longer than others, there comes the point where even the most workaholic of us burn out and have to retreat from work to take a breather.

This is why many of us plan our vacations extensively to try and make sure we get the best out of the few holidays we get. And while it may not be the most popular set of vacation plans out there, renting out a luxury cottage in the countryside is one of the best ways to unwind during your vacations.

A relaxing retreat

While they may be the most popular tourist destinations around the world, bustling mega-cities aren’t everyone’s go-to vacation destination. Sure, they’re full of excitement and brimming with fun activities to do, but for those of us who want a change of pace from the city life, nothing beats a short retreat to the countryside.

The air, the land, and even the sky resonate a shared feeling of tranquility here, and there isn’t a better place to stretch your legs and relax in the world. Some say the sunrise from the top of a mountain is the most beautiful sight. We argue a sunset from a comfortable chair in a cottage balcony in the countryside is no less divine.

Who said a cottage couldn’t be luxurious?

Luxury is often misunderstood and quite regularly attributed to more costly features, particularly those available in the city. While it is true that luxury is not cheap, to assume it is limited only to high rise hotels in cities is to do a great injustice.

After all, luxury is accredited to the most comfortable of lifestyles, where every aspect of living is brimming with ease and extravagance. And when it comes to cottage retreats, there can be quite a few luxurious destinations in store for you. You need to know where to look.

Natural and Historical sights await

Sure, they may not be as interesting as cities, but the countryside does have a few sights worth visiting. If you’re a fan of taking long nature walks, the countryside would be the best place for you to take a morning stroll and get lost in the beauty of nature.

And if you’re bored, you can always explore the rich history of the area around you. There are tons to keep you occupied, provided you look in the right place.


So, are you heading down to the countryside for your next vacation? Just be sure to look up the web for more information so that you end up with the best package that suits your interests. Happy holidays!