Flying can be a daunting task for a lot of people. Fear of height and aviation, reported by several scientific journals, is on the rise. However, keeping that in mind, there are also a plethora of techniques and methodologies one may employ that can help overcome this phobia. Here are a few to keep in mind!

Have faith in the people around you

People often misplace the fact that the person next to you is exactly in the same position as you are. This further extends to the cabin crew and the pilots as well.

Every individual who is responsible for your trip has been in the industry for a while, and the last thing they want is to accentuate your fear or phobia.

Recent statistics dictate as well that the probability of being in an accident related to airplanes is far less likely than being involved in a car accident.

Don’t drink and fly

Drinking inhibits the senses. For some, that is a good thing. On the other hand, this may have detrimental effects on others. Notably among this is a heightened sense of paranoia and uneasiness.

Furthermore, the aftermaths of getting drunk on a flight can often translate poorly in your experience at the airport. Pickpockets and thieves often chose victims in such locations based on their body language, which might reflect their mid-flight drinking experience.


After due consultation, you can also opt for supplements for stress and take your prescribed amount pre-flight to calm your nerves and have a more soothing experience. Additionally, some medicine makes you drowsy –use that to your advantage and take a nap.

Vita Supplements offers several benefits if you’re looking for medication. It’s better than anxiety medication and will make you feel better and elevate your mood. It also works immediately and can be taken in the morning with your cup of coffee.

Keep yourself distracted

If you have any particular hobby that you can optimize mid-flight, go for it! Studies suggest that one way to get over paranoia and anxiety is to find an absolute purpose in a particular setting. If you’re fond of reading or writing, keep a notebook or a book on hand. Furthermore, there are several things you can try out which seemingly distract you and create the illusion of time going by faster.