Have you ever went on a trip and regretted later once you discovered you forgot one of the essential items? It’s quite a frustrating thing and can ruin your whole trip. Therefore, to help you save from such misery, we’ve listed down six items that must be at the top of your traveling checklist.

Multi-purpose Shoes

It’s quite unreasonable to pack five different pairs of shoes for your traveling adventurous. You can’t carry them around the whole trip, therefore, buy some shoes which are multi-purpose in nature. So if you come across any different activity or landscape other than your planned ones, you can enjoy your time to the fullest. As a rule of thumb, bring a pair which is waterproof and another pair which is comfortable for long walks.

Dry Sack

Weather is quite unpredictable at times and therefore, it’s important to carry a dry sack with you as well. The dry sack would also act as an extra pouch for any additional luggage during the trip. It’s a small investment but trusts me; it’s certainly a worthy one. It’ll keep your electronics and other gadgets safe from any rainfall.

Zip Pocket Jacket

A little but extremely handy feature of a jacket is the zip pocket. You can have easy access to all your essentials such as travel watch case, mobile phone, etc. and carry them around safely with you. You should buy a zip pocket jacket that is, so it’s beneficial for you in any weather conditions.

Money Belts

Seeing multiple tourists wear money belts, one wonders it over-hyped. In reality, a money belt gives you easy storage for your passport, money, cards and other important things. Also, wearing it is safer than carrying a backpack on your shoulder. You won’t have to leave anything behind in the hotel as well.

Backpack with Padded Straps

Crossbody bags aren’t that comfortable to wear in the long run. Therefore, it’s established that two straps are better than one strap. Not only do they spread the weight evenly but also let your hands-free to use your camera or mobile phone to capture the perfect moments. Be sure that the bag has padded straps for extra comfort.

Various Wipes

To avoid getting sick on the trip, it’s imperative that one should carry a set of different wipes. Not only wipes help you stay clean but they also keep you fresh and energized as well. You will not disgust after using a public restroom if you have quality wipes with you.