Do your friends consider you to be a true risk-taker? Are you naturally athletic? Do you always like trying new things? If so, you are someone we would consider to be an “adrenaline junkie”.

That’s because you are the kind of individual who literally wakes up each morning and strives to be the walking and breathing definition of “seize the day”.

So, when it comes time for you to take a vacation, we’re pretty sure that you’re not interested in spending your entire time at a spa or resort. No, you want to involve yourself in adventurous events.

If you are looking to take some time off in the next few weeks (or months) and you’d like a few suggestions on things that you can do that will definitely be exciting while keeping your adrenaline pumping, we have provided you with a list of five adventure vacation activities that we’re sure that you’ll thoroughly enjoy below:

1.Go race car driving.

If there’s a part of you that has always wanted to be a race car driver and going go-cart driving does not satisfy the urge, there are places that you can go that will let you live out the dream; at least for a couple of hours. One of them is Nascar Racing Experience. You can drive real NASCAR cars and even obtain a personal instructor if you’d like.

2.Go mountain biking.

Do you like going bike riding and enjoy it, even more, when you’re riding through a hiking trail or where there are lots of hills or mountains? If so and you’re looking to take a trip to Latin Country, take a vacation to Bolivia. The Chacaltaya to Zongo trail is one that will take you an entire day to complete. In fact, it starts at the top of Mt. Chacaltaya, a place that was once considered to be the highest ski resort in the world.

3.Go heli-skiing.

If you enjoy skiing and you’re actually really good at it, you can take it to another level by going heli-skiing. If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically you get into a helicopter and go over the top mountains, jump out and ski. This is something that is pretty popular in Alaska where there is plenty of open terrain. It’s also done often in Canada. For more information, visit Whistler Heliskiing.

4.Go shark cage diving.

Do you love the water but you find deep-sea diving or snorkeling to be a bit on the boring side? How about doing some shark cage diving? There are companies across the world that will provide you with the proper equipment that you need and be being that the air is usually supplied by the surface of the water, you don’t have to worry about purchasing oxygen. This is an activity that people especially enjoy going to South Africa to do. You can read more at

5.Go zip-lining (over mountains).

If you’ve ever been zip-lining before, although it is an outdoor activity that provides a bit of a rush, it’s not exactly something that gets your adrenaline pumping. That is unless you go to someplace like FoxFire Mountain to do it.

That’s because there you can zip-line over mountains and bridges; something that is sure to be a real adventure. If you’d like to receive more information about it, visit