Keeping fit during a trip is not easy but with a few useful tips, you’ll do just fine.

1.Insect bites.

Avoid getting malaria and dengue by using bug sprays containing 30% – 50% DEET.  For Picaridin, as it contains very small percentage of concentration, it should be applied more frequently. Also, wear full covering for your clothing and put on a hat when you’re outside.

Remain indoors at dusk and dawn as these are peak biting times.  Sleep in a bed net and a fully air-conditioned room. Spray your room before using.

2.Food and water.

Keeping fit during a trip is possible when your hands are always clean.  Don’t touch food with dirty hands. If there’re no soap and water, bring a hand sanitizer along anywhere you go. Consume boiled or bottled water. Don’t use tap water, fountain water and ice.

Avoid hawker food and drinks, and food should be fully cooked. Keeping fit during a trip becomes easier when you stay away from dairy products except the pasteurized ones. Bring diarrhoea medicine just in case food poisoning occurs.


Vehicle accidents contribute a lot in cases of injuries among travellers.  In this case, keeping fit during a trip requires you to avoid drinking and driving. Put on the seat belt and children should sit in the booster seats for extra safety.

Local traffic rules should be strictly followed. Wear helmets whenever appropriate, and don’t use overloaded public vehicles. If you can, hire a local driver and avoid driving at night.

4.General health advice.

Don’t bring pets like dogs and cats. If you do and get scratched or bitten, clean the wound instantly with anti-bacterial soap and water and see a doctor immediately. HIVs and Hepatitis infections can be avoided by not sharing tattoo needles, piercing tools and injections.

To avoid STDs, use condoms made of latex. Fungus and parasites can be kept away by washing your hands and feet and keeping them dry.  Keeping fit during a trip means don’t walk without your shoes or sandals on.

Keeping fit during a trip requires a bit of common sense, with it you’ll enjoy the vacation and be healthy all the time.