When it comes to investing in property in Malaga, Spain, there are a whole host of problems that one needs to deal with.

There are the rapidly rising real estate prices which make it difficult to enter the market in the first place. Then there is the issue of finding an ideal location in that region, and unsurprisingly, the better the location, the higher the price, so you somehow have to perform a difficult balancing trick and find a suitable compromise.

It helps to have a platform that streamlines the entire process for you and makes it easy to purchase the property of your dreams, and marbellapads.com happens to be just such a platform.

What is marbellapads.com?

Consisting of a collection of some of the highest quality real estate in the Malaga region, marbellapads.com is an online platform which allows you to search for, find and purchase the property by your preferences.

Being part of a wider network of professional real estate agencies allows marbellapads.com access to pretty much every kind of real estate available in the market, so as far as variety is concerned, these folks are right there at the very top.

What you get by using marbellapads.com

First of all, you get a wide variety of real estate to choose from thereby making it easier for you to make a decision, but aside from that, considering the knowledge and expertise that is provided to you by the professional estate agents over here, you are more likely to make an informed decision.

Secondly, you can utilize the local knowledge that the platform’s experts provide you to ensure that you get home at an ideal location. Be it a villa, apartment or a house; you will get your preferred residential location.

Do you, for instance, prefer a home that is on or close to the beach? Perhaps you need one that is within walking distance of shops and markets. Or maybe you have children, and you want to be close to a decent school. Regardless of your requirements, marbellapads.com will give you the right advice to help you.

Thirdly, you have the option to list your property for sale thereby allowing you to reach out to a huge audience through the web and giving you a greater chance of attracting and capturing customers.

Ultimately, what you get is a great collection of Marbella long term rentals conveniently which will be especially useful for you if you are a visitor planning on spending a considerable amount of time in a foreign land. The presence of the experts and their helpful advice supplements your decision and makes the process a lot less stressful.

Recent developments

As if the collection of real estate possessed by marbellapads.com wasn’t enough, it has been appointed as one of the head real estate rental agencies of Las Terrazas de Atalaya, a beautiful and scenic apartment complex located just off the Benahavis road.

With a fine selection of bedroom apartments and penthouses to choose from and plenty of features including air conditioning, underground parking, swimming pools, and 24-hour security as well as all the basic amenities, this is indeed a great location and a fine addition to marbellapads.com.


If you are a visitor to the city of Marbella who plans on sticking around for the long term, or you plan to move in permanently but need residence in the meantime while you look around, Marbella Long Term Rentals is a great option in terms of the knowledge and expertise available, and the ease of use as well.