Marco Island is the largest barrier island in Florida. Visitors and travelers from all over the world come to the island for vacations and make unforgettable memories. One of the most fun and exciting activity enjoyed by many tourists is shelling.

Shelling is finding seashells on beaches and our company-Sand dollar shelling-provides the most convenient services on Marco Island for shelling. Sand Dollar Shelling offers the best Marco island boat tours according to various sources such as travel channel, the resorts on Marco Island and Naples.

There is a lot that you can expect from our tours on the island. On the boat and shelling tours with Sand dollar shelling, you can see dolphins ride the sea waves and explore rare seashells along the way.

The boat tours

The boat tours with sand dollar shelling are not ordinary boat rides with just a great view. Our company strives to provide the guests and customers with knowledge and all the facilities as well. The boat rides are with the owner of sand dollar shelling, Captain Jim.

The guests will be provided with information and guidance about 10,000 islands, and extra information will be provided on wildlife, species of fish present near them and the types of shell they can find on the islands.

Marco Island is located a few miles south of Naples, Florida and the island has some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in the world. These beaches have very rare and beautiful sea shells which are yet to be explored by you. On the boat tours with sand dollar shelling, you will venture deep into over 10,000 islands and find hidden and rare seashells from places where you could not even imagine. Our company has found the rarest and exotic sea shells which include the Junonia shell.

Our tours are private, and we can accommodate up to 6 people at one time including infants and pets. We ensure that you get a quality experience and make awesome memories with your loved ones.

Shelling tours

Our company, sand dollar shelling is renowned for its shelling tours and has a reputation for finding rare shells such as sand dollar shelling has the greatest number of Junonia shells found. Our tours produce the best, and rarest seashells in all Florida and our trips are to islands which are occupied and are home to wildlife.

Dolphin boat tours

On every tour with sand dollar shelling, you are bound to witness the native dolphins of the Marco Island. These dolphins belong to Pink Bottlenose species. On every boat tour, you will see 4 to 7 of these dolphins enjoying and riding the waves of the ocean near you as these dolphins enjoy swimming and jumping on the waves formed by the boats called a wake.

The Sunset boat rides

Florida is one of the most beautiful places in the world to witness sunsets, let alone, sunsets on the ocean. The exquisite scenery would certainly blow your mind. You’ll certainly love to visit with your family or loved one and make great memories over there.

Sand dollar shelling has a separate and private boat tour and packages which includes taking you to the ocean to see the sun sinking beneath the horizon. We assure to take you to the greatest spot with the best view of the sunset possible. Enjoy a private boat ride with the sand dollar shelling which strives to make your next vacation a special one to be remembered. Oh, and adult beverages are welcomed in the private sunset boat rides as well.