Since the beginning of time, reproduction has served as a way to keep the love and companionship between the relationships going.

The innate desire to produce another being in the likeliness of oneself has fueled the cycle of human life. And so, infertility is not just considered a medical condition these days. It causes emotional scarring and breaks up relationships.

What is Medical Fertility Tourism?

It is the burning desire for having a child, which sends the people with such medical conditions across the borders. And that is from where the concept of fertility tourism gained much popularity.

It is defined as the kind of medical tourism that highlights the willingness of people to travel from country to country, to either avail the medical procedures of the other country, where a less stringent regulatory framework monitors them, or where the service that is being sought is available at a lower price. And sometimes even both.

This phenomenon gave rise to ‘assisted reproductive technology, also known as ART. ART is a method of using modern technology to assist reproduction, whose use has been increasing continuously since the 1970s. The legal restriction in countries like Italy, Canada, Germany, and many others, has forced the willing parents to become a part of fertility tourism.

However, countries like India, Israel, Denmark, USA, and Spain offer prohibited treatment options at lower prices, which is why, they have become the preferred destinations for fertility tourists, with India being the top of the priority list.

Why it is gaining popularity in India?

India promises good quality health care, combined with well-trained doctors and extremely low medical costs, which is why it is an attractive option for intended parents. Not just that, India also offers a lack of laws that regulate the use of reproductive technology.

The baby market in India is booming due to the loopholes in the ART rules. It is due to these reasons, India is considered the hub of international commercial surrogacy market.

The lax governmental regulations have been criticized and meant to be amended many times, but it is due to the loopholes that still prevail that the Indian baby market still manages to stay on top.

The prices that Indian medical facilities demand, combined with the expertise of the doctors and the use of the latest technology, is too good of an offer to not consider. And that is why the medical fertility tourism in India keeps increasing day by day.