Looking to spend this year’s summer sunbathing on the beaches of Mexico? Well, you better remember to take these essential items along on your trip to make sure you don’t run into any problems:

1 – Light and breezy apparel

For the most part, you want your clothing choice to be as light and breathable as possible. Pack light-colored summer clothes, or if you don’t have any, invest in Mexican style dresses available in the local market once you arrive.

Much of Mexico is, after all, a desert, and wearing warm, heavy clothes in the sweltering heat of the sun is only asking for trouble.

2 – Raincoat and sweaters

While the weather in Mexico is mostly hot, if you’re traveling inland, say towards Mexico City, for example, the temperature does get chilly at night.

Having a light sweater or jacket on hand would be a good idea, as would having a raincoat by your side in case of the occasional burst of rainfall common in Mexico.

3 – Swimsuits and towels

A visit to Mexico without a stop at the beach? Ridiculous, right? That’s why you shouldn’t forget to pack a bathing suit and a towel for the beach. These should be the first things you pack for your trip to Mexico.

4 – Sunscreen & bug spray

While you might be looking forward to getting that summer tan after a long day at the beach, it’s important to make sure that you don’t get sunburnt in the process. Pack the right kind of sunscreen to protect your skin, and even throw in a bug spray for good measure; you’ll thank yourself every night before going to sleep.

5 – Medications

Although you can get any medicine you might need from a local pharmacy, it’d be wise to pack a few of the more common medicines that you might need on the trip, like:

  • Ibuprofen – for headaches
  • Imodium – for serious stomach issues
  • Pepto-Bismol – for minor stomach issues
  • Dramamine – for motion sickness

6 – Cash and other travel necessities

Traveling to a foreign country without local currency in your pocket would cause you a lot of inconveniences every time you tried to buy something from a local vendor like large hoop earrings or a long boho necklace from a traditional jewelry merchant.

It may even be dangerous to not have cash on your person, along with a working phone and identification documents, in case of emergencies. Which is why no matter you go, these three things are an absolute must to pack for your trip.