It’s not very often you’re offered a great job by a company overseas, one that offers a salary package that lets you earn in a month what you make with your current job in a year. However, the biggest hurdle people face in accepting the job is the prospect of moving abroad.

Having all of your furniture moved to a new location in a foreign city you know next to nothing about can be a nightmare. Luckily, this short article will tell you the main things you need to remember before taking on this daunting task.

You don’t have to take everything with you

Hard though it may be to part with that antique lamp your grandmother gave you three Christmases ago; you need to realize you can’t take everything you own with you when moving abroad. Doing so would only put you under a lot of work and may even end up costing way more than what is reasonable.

Besides, you don’t need everything you own; this may be a good time to finally get rid of some the junk you’ve been accumulating all these years.

Watch your shipping volume

What did you think your cost for moving your furniture abroad would be calculated on the weight of it all, like a parcel in the mail? Nope, this cost is almost always calculated on volume.

As such it may be best to ditch items that take up a lot of space and for which you can buy cheap replacements once you get to your new home, like an unnecessarily large wardrobe for example. It’s also a good idea to sell off furniture pieces like beds and dining tables and buy replacements on arrival to your new home.

Be mindful of the service you select

There are only two things you need to keep an eye out for before signing up for an international moving company: whether or not the company offers a door-to-door service and what it’s a track record with previous customers has been like.

Generally speaking, a company that offers a door-to-door service should be preferred over one that only offers to ship your stuff from port to port; you may be thinking you can manage on your own (and you might actually be able to), but the convenience of a door-to-door service is unmatched in this regard.

The only other thing you’d need to look out for are the prices, for which you should try and scout the market as much as you can. Don’t want to get ripped off after all.