There are three basic places to look for Myrtle Beach vacation rentals do a search on a major search engine visit the website of the resort or property manager or visit advertising websites that list units from around the world.

Major Search Engines

A good place to start is doing a generic search in Google Yahoo or MSN for what you are after. Looking for a condo? Search for “Myrtle Beach condo rentals.” Beach homes? “Myrtle Beach beach homes.” Usually the websites that come up first will have some of the largest inventories and give you plenty of options to pick the best rental for your vacation.

Don’t just stick with one search engine though! If you don’t find something you are after try Yahoo instead of Google or MSN instead of Yahoo. They all give different results in this market and with hundeds of resorts and beach homes dotting the Grand Strand area you will have plenty Myrtle Beach vacation rentals to choose from.

Resort/Property Management Website

First I need to clarify. A resort/condo has owners of individual units within that building. Owners have the option of renting through the complex itself or going with an offsite property management company to rent their condo. Most likely you are renting a condo that an individual person owns if you are renting through a property management company who usually offer a better price than the onsite management.

If you know exactly what resort you want to stay at finding their website is rather easy. Just type it into a search engine with “Myrtle Beach” at the end. But before you book through the official website make sure there are no offsite rental management companies offering a unit in the same building for a cheaper price! When you search for the resort name you will most likely see other results besides the official web site. Check those out as well.

The most important thing though is to ALWAYS look for a “Specials” page and to read the fine print. Especially in economic times like these Myrtle Beach rental management companies are offering good discounts to their prices.

Advertising Websites

Sometimes the fastest way to finding a good Myrtle Beach vacation rental although not the most thorough is to find websites dedicated to listing vacation rentals such as or These websites charge a fee for property owners to list their condo unit/beach home on their website. You can perform a quick and easy search on your criteria to find what you are looking for.

Keep in mind not all resorts owners or property managers advertise on these websites so you might not get the full selection available but there will be plenty of listings to choose from. Also keep in mind these websites are used to advertise to generate leads. Always double check the information on advertising websites with a reservationist to be sure what you are after is actually in the condo or part of the condo complex.

About the writer:  Paul Hanak is a freelance web designer and professional internet marketer working for a company specializing in Myrtle Beach vacation rentals and real estate sales.