Whether this is your first time coming to New Orleans or you are a seasoned visitor, the green swamplands of the region never fail to attract and excite any tourists. Regardless if you already know or not, you will learn that when you come to this place leaving before a swamp tour leaves the trip incomplete.

Only a little distance from the city you discover the swamps, yet it feels as you’ve entered an entirely different world. And the alligators, one of the reasons to look forward to this trip. They get real close as in the right next to you. The whole area is a combination of swamps, marsh, and lakes which produce a calming yet exhilarating feeling. But that’s not the whole of it.

Plantation Tour

Having a look around the plantations in New Orleans is also a part of the swamp experience. Just an hour from the main city, you will find elegant and great mansions. Tour them and learn about their history from different perspectives.

Did you know kitchens are not a part of the main house in these buildings and even more interesting is finding out how comfortable the people lived even before air-conditioning was found? Don’t worry you’ll have enough time to process everything; the tour is on foot.

Then afterward you make a quick stop to the shops for some food supplies before setting out for the main event of the New Orleans swamp tours.

Airboat Swamp Tour

This is a newer and more “reliable” method for touring the swamps. You would be delighted to know that many agencies provide transportation to and from the hotel to the swamps. They too know the fame of New Orleans swamp tours.

This is an educational tour; you will be told about a thing as you pass from your tour guide and enjoy the view. This is where the trip probably reaches its height. You might see gators, turtles and even more aquatic life. The boat is also open on all sides just so the passengers could enjoy the view in complete form.

Kayak Swamp tour

The airboat might be very quick in water and efficient. It still does not compare the old traditional methods are still far more popular. This is called the Kayak swamp tour. “Kayak” means a canoe type boat. Animals of the swamps have become so used to them that they are not afraid to swim close to it.

In the warmer months, you will encounter gators. They swim close to the boat with their mouths protruding from the water in hopes that you would feed it (many people do!). You might even find some rare birds and snakes on the trees.

You may learn a lot of points about the trip, but the New Orleans swamp tours can only be understood after experiencing it. Don’t Forget!