Perhaps the thought of sitting on a beach and watching the kids frolic in the waves sounds more boring than relaxing to you. And maybe you’re not the type to spend your time off hitting up fancy restaurants and Broadway shows.

If sitting still for too long makes you antsy and you’d rather don activewear on your vacation, then a trip that centers on sports or outdoor activities could be more your speed. Here are just a few options you may find appealing.

1. Ski trip.

With the northern hemisphere firmly entrenched in winter at this point, your best bet for a sporty family vacay may be to hit the slopes at a nearby ski resort or go a little farther afield with a trip to Colorado or even the Swiss Alps to sample some of the finest ski runs in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s a little late to take advantage of holiday time off. You have to book travel and lodgings early for this busy time of year if you want to find airfare and hotel vacancy, especially for popular destinations. But if you’re willing to pull the kids from school for a few days in January or February you’ll enjoy affordable prices, wide open pistes, and plenty of fresh powder.

2. Hiking and biking tours.

Small children won’t hold up for long on this type of vacation, but if your kids are into their teens and you happen to be a fairly fit family, there’s no reason why you can’t bike a portion of the California coastline or wander through the south of France courtesy of your two-wheeled transportation.

And if hiking is more your speed, consider the 4-day trek to Machu Picchu or the 104-mile, 10-day Tour de Mont Blanc that takes you around the “rooftop of Western Europe” and through three different countries (France, Italy, and Switzerland) via the Alps.

3. Tropical destinations.

The wonderful thing about visiting an exotic island during the winter, aside from the sunny climes and warm temperatures close to the equator, is that you’ll find a wide range of activities to participate in.

Whether you’re partial to water sports like swimming, scuba diving, and windsurfing, or you’d rather hike to waterfalls and volcanoes, hop on a zip line, or ride horses on the beach, there is just no end to the activities that you’ll enjoy when you travel to tropical locales. Best of all, you can soak up some vitamin D and return home with a glowing tan.

4.Rafting tours.

Even young kids will enjoy floating down a gently undulating waterway, while older kids that share your adventurous spirit will likely be whooping it up on a white water tour. Perhaps the best thing about rafting, though, is that you’ll get to see your destination from a new point of view not visible from the road or the river bank.

5. Sports vacation.

If your family loves to get out and toss around the old pigskin, kick a soccer ball, or knock a few fly balls into the stands, then a sports vacation could be right up your alley. And you’ll be happy to hear that there are tons of travel agencies that can help to put together a package that’s just right for your family.

For example, Scotland offers all kinds of golf vacations. And a company like Travels with Soha can help you to plan the ultimate tennis trip. No matter what kind of sporting activity gets your blood pumping, there are destinations and travel packages designed to suit the needs of your family and deliver the exciting vacation you’ve been dreaming of.