Packing for a travel is very stressful and involving even though it may seem to be easy at first sight. Experience has shown that some travelers either forget to include essential items in their luggage or include items that they do not actually need.

It is a good idea to pack light so that you will not have to pay for excess baggage. But packing light does not mean that you should not travel with essential items.

You have to be smart when packing so that your luggage will not be very weighty and still, you have all the essential items you need during your overseas travel. The tips given below will help you to pack smart and light.

#1. Make a list of the items you will require

It is of paramount importance that you make a list of all the essential items that you will need during your travel in their order of importance before you start packing. If you rely on your brain alone, you may discover that you forget to include one important item when it is too late.

Having a list of items to pack will serve as a guide to you during packing. Besides, it will help to know items that are redundant. Each travel is unique. So, what may be useful in one travel may not be useful in another. This is why you should make a fresh list for each travel.

When you have a list, start acquiring the items one by one according to the list so that nothing will be left out. You can start packing when you have acquired all of them.

#2. Consider buying certain items in the country you are traveling to

One of the ways of reducing the number of items to travel with is to purchase some items you will need abroad on daily basis such as toiletries and detergents.

For example, if you are going to stay abroad for several weeks, you may go only with toiletries and detergents that you will need for the first fews days and then buy more from the local stores there when you need them.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, find out whether the hotel will provide you with toiletries, detergents, towels and beddings. If you will be provided with these items, there is no need going with more. You can use the ones provided for you by the hotel.

#3. Go with few lightweight clothes

It is advisable to go with several lightweight clothes especially if you are traveling during the summer season. Bulky clothes made from heavy fabrics will occupy much of your luggage space and add more weight to its poundage. If the weather is going to be cool, multiple layers lightweight attire should be good for you because such clothes are capable of conserving body heat and trapping air.

You don’t need to bring too many clothes and shoes. Your choice of clothes will be determined to a certain extent by the type of activities you will do in the new place. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then include two or three clothes suitable for outdoor activities and then two more for other purposes.

It is also advisable that you go only with clothes that can fit other fashion accessories you are traveling with. If you feel that you will require more clothes, you may include more clothes but it is advisable that you limit yourself to a week’s worth of clothes. Plan to do your laundry in the hotel rather than taking a huge number of clothes.

#4. Go with multipurpose clothes

When you are making the choice of clothes to include in your luggage, it is advisable that you go with clothes that have multiple purpose, that is, clothes that can be worn in a number of circumstances. For example, a pair of jeans can be used for outdoor activities like hiking and for dinner when it is paired with a nice blazer.

#5. Two pairs of shoes are enough

If you are going for weeks of holiday or a business trip that will last for several weeks, you should consider making do with two pairs of shoes. Put a lightweight pair of running or walking shoes in your luggage and then wear a pair to the airport. You can include a pair of slippers if your hotel will not provide any for you.

#6. Pack tighter and flatter

When you are packing your clothes and other items inside the bag, it is advisable that you make it tighter and flatter. Rolling or bundle-wrapping of clothes is a preferable method than folding. If you fold your clothes, it will take more space and result in more wrinkles on the clothes than when you roll it.

#7. Use a notebook or even mobile device instead of a laptop

If you have a good notebook or mobile device that has all the necessary applications that will require you to travel with your laptop, it will be better if you use the notebook or mobile device rather than a laptop during your travel.

If you need to take snapshots of places that you visit, you may consider using your laptop camera if it can capture image very well. In this way, there will be no need for you to travel again with your camera.


It is advisable that you use lighter travel bags for the packing because weighty travel bags will increase the poundage of your luggage. You should also make good use of your carry-on. Virtually, all airlines allow their customers to board their planes with carry-on containing some of your personal belongings such as travel documents, files, toiletries and the likes.

With the above tips, you will be able to pack light and limit your luggage to maximum luggage poundage accepted by your airline.