If you are a frequent traveler, there is a good chance that you have to prepare a lot of things for your journeys. If you have pets, the preparation can get a little trickier, because you may have to find a pet care solution.

In most cases, you don’t want to leave your pet alone at home – if you’re leaving for a few days, you can probably leave your cat at home alone, but a dog or a pet that needs more care must be under some kind of supervision.

Luckily, there are a number of pet care options for jet-setters and business travelers alike. Here are some of the best pet care options for frequent travelers.

Find a trusted pet sitter

One of the best options is to find a pet sitter. There is a good chance that there are a few trusted pet sitters in your area that can take care of your pet while you are away. Some pet sitters will actually stay at your house and take care of your pet – others will visit for a few hours a day and take your pet on walks, depending on what you and the sitter are most comfortable with.

Leave your pet with a family member or friend.

Another great option is to leave your pet with a family member or friend – there is a good chance that your pet already feels comfortable with this person. If your pet is rather nervous or has separation anxiety, dropping your pet off with someone you and the pet knows is probably the best option.

Not only will your pet be more comfortable, but this is usually the most cost-effective way to go. Although, taking the person out to dinner is always the gracious and polite thing to do.

Take your pet with you.

Another option is to just take your pet with you on your journey. Sometimes it can be nice to know that your pet is safe and sound with you and not with a stranger. When it comes to bringing your pet with you, you want to make sure that your airline allows pets. If it doesn’t, you may want to register your pet as a service animal.

Book a stay at a pet resort.

Another really great option is to send your pet to a specialized pet resort, like My Second Home Pet Resort. Pet resorts can be a great option, because the facilities are often built with your pet in mind. Not only will your pet get plenty of attention from pet-loving staff, but there will be dozens of other furry creatures to play with while you are away.

Leave your pet at home.

If you have a cat or some other kind of animal that cherishes its privacy and alone time, you may be able to leave your pet at home. Just make sure, though, that your pet has plenty of food and water.

If you are leaving more than a few days, however, you’ll want to hire someone to come in and refill the food and water bowls. The last thing you want is for your pet to run out of the basics.