Whoever plans a trip to Turkey, Cappadocia always remains the hit-list for them. Famous for their volcanic landscape Cappadocia has become the favorite adventurous place for the people who love to explore.

Besides being famous for the landscape, the name of this land says a lot about it. Cappadocia means ‘the land of the beautiful horses.’

This region has underground cities and churches, and another attraction for tourist is a hot air balloon ride. Here is someplace which you must visit.

  1. Underground cities:

Humans started living in Cappadocia from the Bronze Age, so Cappadocia has some leftovers from that time.  Having cities on the ground is normal, but having 36 underground cities is exceptional. So whenever you go for Cappadocia tours, make sure to give them a visit. These were built by the christening, to hide from Roman soldiers.

  1. Monks Valley:

This valley is named over a 4th-century monk who spent his whole life on the top of the pillar. It has mushroom-shaped rocks, made by the erosion took place millions of years ago. There is another theory that fairies used to live in this area, which was later occupied by monks.

  1. Goreme Open Air Museum:

Goreme is one of the most photogenic places in Cappadocia and voted to be one of the most beautiful villages in the world. Goreme open air museum is just a walk away; it is from Byzantine monastic, which was the house to monks and now is a UNESCO heritage site. It is the cluster of churches which are made of rock cut.there are many churches and places to visit here.

  1. Red and rose valley:

This valley is located between Goreme and Cavusin. The rock of this valley is in pastel yellow, pink and orange color which is the result of a volcanic eruption. There are three hiking tracks, so it is the best way to explore Cappadocia with depth.

  1. Hacibektas

The pilgrimage center for the people who follow Betsaki order of dervishes, who is a founder is an Iranian philosopher Sufi Haci Bektas Veli. This place has a museum which shows the examples of devotional worship, which includes the tomb of Haci Bektas Veli.

Whenever you visit Cappadocia, traveling to different places like churches and monks place, underground cities to the museum is the beautiful thing but one thing with which the tourist gets attracted to is hot air ballooning. Make sure to experience that adventure too.