Are you looking for new places to go on vacation? How about a visit to St Louis? Whether you are going to Europe or United States with significant other for a loving vacation or just going for an exclusive vacation, you will enjoy your trip in ST Louis.

St Louis, the biggest city in Missouri, can be found just the junction of Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, which here forms the border between Illinois and Missouri. This City has been known for a long time as the “Gateway to the West” because its history starts from the European people set out to conquer the Wild West. No doubt, it is home to the St Louis University, Most well-known university west of the Mississippi, which began in 1818. The town’s experience with Scott Joplin, the “father” of ragtime, guarantees its popularity as a music city.

Gateway Arch

In the middle of Memorial Park, you will see the Gateway Arch, symbolic role as the “Gateway to the West.” This arch is made of stainless steel, 625 feet high, was constructed in 1959 to 65 to the design of Eero Saarinen. Eight lifts run up to the statement platform on the maximum point of the arch. Under the arch is the Museum of Westward Expansion and the Visitor Center.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park

The vacationer center of St Louis is the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, presented on a website formerly filled by an old portion of the city. It holds the name of Johnson Jefferson (the president), during whose presidency administration the Louisiana Purchase started out up West of the agreement. It is most popular specification is Gateway Arch, but it has the Museum of Westward Expansion and the Old Court.

Old Cathedral

Southwest of the Gateway Arch is the Old Cathedral. It was Build in 1831-4 on this place, and it was the first church of St Louis (1770), it lives through the 1849 fire unaffected. You will also see the Old Cathedral Museum to cover the history of this city on the west side of the cathedral.

Old Courthouse

The huge domed building, the Old Courthouse is on the right-hand part of Market Street. It was developed in the mid OF Nineteenth century and has been the area of several important trails, such as the fit by Dred Scott for freedom from captivity and Suffragist Va Louisa Minimal for the right to be supported.

Missouri Botanical Garden

The wonderful Missouri Botanical Garden is also famous with the name of the Shaw Garden, after the business owner and botanist Henry Shaw who set it out in 1859. In the southeast portion of the garden is the highly hired Tower Grove Home. The gardens consist of a Japanese garden, a beautiful rose garden, exotic plants, and a herbarium.

Woodlands Park

Woodland Park is on this site of the 1904 World Fair, and some of the components here still date from that time. You will find many destinations within the park, such as the St Louis Zoo.