Traveling on a budget can come off as a daunting task. You’ll not only have to worry about traveling, accommodation and the different cost is also something that you’ll find yourself fretting over. Worry not – this doesn’t mean you should ditch your plans altogether. You can change your destination! Here are five popular tourist destinations that you should be considering if you’re on a budget!

1)    Caye Caulker, Belize

This is a small island community off the main coast and serves as a haven for rich wildlife and spectacular views. An immersive interaction with nature, coupled with sandy sun-kissed beaches, this is an option that you should always keep in mind if you’re traveling on a budget. Often hosting a plethora of student-tourists, it is a great place to socialize and meet new people as well!

2)    Havana, Cuba

Several cities can inculcate a feeling of culture and history as much as Havana does.  The capital of Cuba, Havana has a rich history and takes pride in being culturally diverse and hosting several tourist attractions along the shoreline. There are several activities one can indulge in, and the nightlife of the city is unparalleled!

3)    Kathmandu, Nepal

The capital has a rich history which is excessively visible in the unique architecture there. This destination is very cheap to travel to, and accommodation is unlikely to cause a dent on your wallet.

Language barrier might be a concern but thanks to apps such as Chatlas, you’ll have access to live translation of any chosen language.

4)    Bogota, Colombia

Gone are the days when Colombia was a haven for trafficking and drugs. Colombia is now much safer than it used to be and now serves as a popular destination for tourists. Bogota is full of cultural heritage and has a rich history that presents itself in several ways, such as the secular art of the region and walls full of graffiti!

Exceptional architecture along with rich visual culture, Bogota is a must-go place if you’re on a tight budget yet want the full tourist experience!

5)    Kos, Greece

Athens being the most famous spot, people often overlook the beauty of the island of Kos in Greece. Having a rich history that once hosted a grand civilization coupled with innovative architecture and festivities, this is a good alternative to choose if you’re tight on your budget since prices rarely break the double-digit barrier.