Who in the mid-20th century would have thought that in the future there would even be such things as medical, dental and even rehab tourism? They do exist! Millions of people around the world do it. You wouldn’t go to London or New-York for rehab now, would you? It has to be someplace peaceful and quiet. And to your joy, Thailand is just the place.

Thailand is a tropical paradise. It is well developed when it comes to its tourism industry. It gets around 27 million tourists annually. There are a no. of reasons people prefer Thailand for rehab.

Lower Cost

The whole idea of rehab tourism is to let the person enjoy tourism and recover. The overall cast of rehab tourism to Thailand is less than private hospitals or rehab centers in your local neighborhood. Even when considering the travel expense. Interestingly most Thais find these price tags made of gold.

Remember you are dealing in your dollar and they are doing it in Thai Baht. It’s a big difference. If it puts more strain on your pocket and indirectly to your thoughts, why would it have bloomed? If it is expensive, then it is not calming.

Inpatient/Outpatient treatment

Thailand offers both inpatient and outpatient treatments. It has about 1000 hospitals; about half are private including Samitivej Hospital, Bangkok, and Bumrungrad Hospital. You can stay in the beautiful rehab centers in seclusion. Or rather tour the landmarks of the tropical paradise in your free time as an outpatient. 

Commendable Quality

Even after all the country offers high-quality treatment. No cuts are made when it comes to treatment. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities strictly follow national and international rules. Doctors and nurses are available on hand to deal with any mishaps.

You will get more of a hotel feel than a hospital which is better for peace of mind. Patients have the bonus of being treated to the exotic greenery of the surroundings. Just forget about work or other stress and relax. There are multiple luxury class Rehabs in Thailand.

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai is under the license of the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. It holds an international presence in the world for its facilities and quality.

Although the country has many more rehab centers, The Cabin stands out. Rehab Chiang Mai is a secluded facility in the lush green mountains, with luxury suites at affordable prices. Along with the astonishingly beautiful scenery and treatment completion rate of 96% (that’s high!), it gives you the feel and experience of a 5-star hotel.