John and I met online six months back. After one-month day and night chat over the internet, we finally exchanged numbers and decided to meet up on a coffee date. That was my first face-to-face interaction with him. We continued meeting for a good time of almost four months.

I got to know a lot about John during these four months, but still, there was something I could not figure it out. I wanted to know him more by spending a lot of time with him, but I could hardly say it directly to him.

That’s when I realized how much kommunikation parforhold is important. I still did not have that comfort level with him to speak my heart out.

Meanwhile this all mess was going inside my mind, one day John came to see me and asked if I would be ok to go with him on a road trip? I was already waiting for one such opportunity so instantly said YES. I was excited to test our compatibility as a couple.

I was unaware of the fact that time that crazy stuff can happen on the road which could disturb the relationship. Since you are with your partner 24/7 like never before during dating time, the fight is inevitable. You might miss out on a bus, lose your passport or ATM, lost in an area or anything annoying.  Sometimes, he wanted to go for a movie, and I wanted just to sleep.

There was the difference in our choices of doing things at a certain time. One of us had to trade off our choices with the other one. We used to get out all the frustration of such problems on each other. We used to yell on each other on stupid things. We never thought to sit down and communicate wisely to solve the issues.

It was not that we used to fight now and then; we had some amazing time together as well. Traveling along him also got me the opportunity to know about his nature deeply. I observed that he would treat hotel staff with respect. He did not have unnecessary tantrums. He was also quite a money saver. I am sure he also did discover a lot about me during the trip. But the fights were there.

One day, I calmed down myself and thought that instead of yelling at each other and escaping the problems, I should take him along on a dinner and discuss everything to avoid making things worse during this trip. So, that was it. I was sitting with him at a candlelight dinner.

I asked him politely if he ever feels uncomfortable about doing something, he should tell me frankly rather than having a dispute over it. He also assured me that he will never force me to go his way always. As communication is the key to success for everything, we did communicate that day on everything in detail in a light mood.

Now we have together HAPPY ever since because we believe in communication relationship.