If you ever plan to visit Vietnam, the city Hanoi located at the bank of Red River is an ancient capital with the richly preserved architecture of ancient colonies, unique museums, and temples. It is an amazing place to wander on foot as it has a lot to offer: both in terms of rich cultural history and Hanoi local food.

One key part of Hanoi, known for its narrow streets, jam-packed trade shops and Vietnamese foods is the chaotic Old-Quarter. Residing in the middle of the bountiful city, the quarter features about 36 Old Streets divided and named according to their craft guides of the past. Out of these 36 streets, the Bat Dan Street features a mouth-watering restaurant specialized in Hanoi Street Food.

Addressed at 65A Bat Dan Street – Old Quarter, the Viet Spring Rolls Restaurant offers a variety of traditional Vietnamese spring rolls. If you ever happen to be in Hanoi, Viet Spring Rolls Restaurant is your go-to stop for a unique Vietnamese cuisine experience. It is an excellent option for classical table-chair dinning style with reasonable priced Hanoi local food.

The Food

Viet Spring Rolls Restaurant’s specialty lies in their different variety of spring rolls, beef-stew, and specially cooked shrimp and pork dishes. The traditional roles are made from a combination of shrimp, pork, carrot, crab, and veggies. On top of that, the food is served with local herbs which the restaurant amasses locally.

Although there are plenty of items to choose from, the restaurant’s specials include the sea crab spring roll, beef-stew dipped in noodles and a popular Vietnamese dipping sauce made with fish sauce, lime juice, rice vinegar, chilies, and garlic. This sauce adds an extra flavor to the usual Viet spring rolls.

Open from 8 AM to 10 PM daily, Viet Spring Rolls is your best bet for an incredible taste in Hanoi street foods.


Out of many-to-do things in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, a stroll in the busy streets of the Old-quarter is a must-to-do! With food tours available for travelers in Hanoi, discovering the delicious taste of Vietnamese cuisine is a must.

In such manner, rolling up your sleeves for having a taste of Viet spring rolls dipped in favored Vietnamese sauce could give you an appetizer you dearly missed! So don’t forget to visit Viet Spring Rolls Restaurant whenever you visit Vietnam.