Are you planning on a luxurious river cruise in Myanmar? Then you need to consider several facts. The first thing you need to consider is the accommodation.

You also need to consider the foods and some other things when planning a river cruise. Though there are different river cruise package you will find in online, but the best one is Sanctuary Ananda.

This is a luxurious ship that has all the necessary facilities for a tourist. Here I am going to share why you should choose Sanctuary Ananda for your cruise in Myanmar.

  1. Luxurious Accommodation

You will get the best service for accommodation in this ship. There are 21 custom built suites in it. Each suit contains the necessary facilities. You will get a large comfortable bed and all other room facilities. Each suite has an area of 27-28 square meter.

If you are planning the cruise with your partner, this will be a memorable event of your life. Each suite is decorated with modern style and made with traditional wooden Myanmar touch. So, you will get the local touch and the essential facilities.

  1. Excellent Food Service

You don’t have to be tense about the type of food. They will serve both Burmese local dishes and the European dishes. You can choose other foods too. Sanctuary Ananda has highly skilled and professional chefs for cooking. So, the taste of foods will be amazing. You will be served with meals from two world-class restaurants.

  1. Memorable Views

As you are going to the cruise to explore new areas and sights, so Sanctuary Ananda has an attractive offer for sightseeing. You will get the most exciting views beside the river. You can just stand on the balcony to enjoy different landscapes. You will never feel boar for sure. Be ready for enjoying historic royal cities of Mandalay and Bagan.

  1. Local Performances

Do you want to enjoy some local performances during the cruise? Then Sanctuary Ananda is the best ship that I can recommend. There will be evening entertainment with local performances after dinner. Local dancers will present Burmese local dances which often tell stories about their legends and myths.

  1. New Experience

Whenever someone go for a tour, want to get some new experiences. Each day in the cruise will be something new for you. This will be an adventurous journey with Sanctuary Ananda. You will discover new places and it will increase your geographical knowledge. Find more attractive plans for cruise in Sanctuary Ananda visit here