Scandinavian is a large historical and cultural region in Northern Europe. The region includes three kingdoms of kingdoms of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Different places in this area can be a great destination for the tourists.

Especially, if you are planning a trip in the winter, this will be the best place. Well, if this is your first trip to this region, you should know which are the best destinations in winter. You will find Scandinavia tour deals online with an affordable price. Just bool one and start the tour.

Here I am going to share top 5 Scandinavian Destinations.

  1. Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway

Norway is popular for its peaceful culture. People of this country are well mannered, and the culture is also attractive. You should visit the Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway. This hotel has a unique structure. The hotel authority has used the modern technology to build the hotel.

The rooms of this hotel are cozy and comfortable. You will be amazed by seeing the snow structures. It’s like living in a cave with all modern facilities. There are variety of activities that you can do in the hotel.

  1. Lapland, Finland

Maybe you already have seen some of the viral photos of this place. In winter, this is such a memorable experience visiting the site. You can visit the most attractive tourist attraction village of Rovaniemi. You will just love the natural beauty of this place. The night will come to you with an entirely different look. It can be explained in words.

  1. The Rapa River, Sweden

This is a famous river of Sweden. Though the length of this river is only 75 km, but you are going to love the sites beside the river. The river stretches from its source to Lake Tjaktjajaure. The most attractive tourist spot of this river is the Laitaure Delta at the mouth of the lake. For exploring the area broadly, you should book a helicopter trip which is available in this region.

  1. Helsinki, Finland

Lots of tourists visit this place only for skiing. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty and stunning structures together, this is the best place. Notably, you will love the nightlife of the city for sure. The city will attract you with its natural beauty, shopping malls, delicious cuisine and more.

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

Among different cities of Sweden, Stockholm is the most familiar to the tourists. There are various restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, and boutiques. You can purchase some local goods from those places. Also, you will find the colorful houses and friendly people in the region.