Uganda – a country with exquisite beauty, breathtaking waterfalls, national parks and much more! Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda provides unforgettable activities to its visitors and would leave them in awe. To help you plan your trip in Uganda, we’ve made a travel resource for Uganda to give you a heads up!

1. Kampala

Not to sound cliché, but given that this is the country’s capital, it deserves to be on the list. Kampala was also the capital of the ancient Buganda Kingdom.

If you want to watch history unfold and get a proper glimpse into the day-to-day life of the people, this is the best place to start!

2. Ssese Islands

Sun-kissed beaches, coupled with golden sand and palm trees – this is the African coasts’ answer to the Caribbean. If you want to kick back and relax, take in the fresh air of Lake Victoria and sip margaritas, this is the best place to go.

You can choose to settle into the lakeside resort or stay there for a day and explore the swamps around, which are said to host a plethora of wildlife.

3. Sipi falls

The falls, which are named after the type of banana plant that grows in the region, is a series of three waterfalls which give a picture-perfect view, regardless of where you view them from.

Furthermore, in the surrounding vicinity, you can check out coffee farms and plantations and enjoy fresh coffee, explore nearby caves or go for a walk. The falls can be viewed from the top or the bottom, given that you’re willing to hike to the very top!

4. Entebbe Botanical gardens

Ask any local around, and they will swear that the movie Tarzan was filmed there. Either way, this place is a haven for aspiring botanists, spanning over 40 hectares (98 acres) and is located near Lake Victoria.

The garden provides a spectacular aura of flowers, and you can choose to walk from one end to another, spotting different birds and monkeys on the way!

5. Lake Bunyonyi

This lake is referred to as ‘the place of many birds’ since it serves as a local nesting ground for so many different species. Coupled with charming and picturesque shore towns and resorts, this place is a haven for tourists from all over the world. The setting is perfect, and water sports are prevalent in these regions!

Although there are other numerous places in Uganda that you’ll certainly adore. However, the above are the few that are definitely a must-visit. So if you’re on a short trip and have limited time, visiting the above places is certainly a must!