Estepona is a town located on the south of Spain. This small town is renowned for its streams, beaches-which stretch up to 21kms, mountains, and valleys. Due to the natural environment and location of the town being surrounded by mountains and beaches, Estepona has a micro-climate and receives over 325 days of sunshine making it a popular resort and vocational destination.

Estepona is a year-long holiday destination with luxury apartments for living in and enjoying the beaches, mountains and the town to its fullest. Below are some of the highlights of Estepona as a town:

  • it is clean and safe
  • surrounded by beaches, sea, and mountains
  • great with tourists
  • 325 sunny days a year
  • Brilliant location with close vicinity to tons of facilities
  • Peaceful
  • Great for golfers

Estepona is a great place for nature lovers, golfers, beach lovers, and hikers as well. There are over 70 golf courses to choose from, 16 beaches stretching up to 21kms and many mountains to explore.

Other than this there are traditional cafes and restaurants with Spanish culture.

Marbella and Estepona

Estepona is just 25 minutes from Marbella. A city and resort are belonging to the province of Malaga. This city is home to Mediterranean beaches, villas, hotels, golf courses and more luxurious amenities.

The west of Marbella is known for the elite nightclubs and coastal areas with luxurious yachts and boats.

Living in Estepona’s suites

The luxurious esteponasuites are located in Estepona which is only a 25min drive from Marbella. These suites and prestigious apartments are offering services like no other. Large and magnificent 3-bedroom apartments with an astonishing view of the sea and coastal areas over the Mediterranean and Gibraltar are offered by these suites.

These brand new and top of the line beachside apartments are located in the most beautiful parts of the town with the most stunning views and facilities. The sub-tropical weather and environment add to the beauty of the luxury apartments Estepona. The apartments are surrounded by vast and lush green gardens and offer state of the art facilities such as swimming pools and waterfalls.

These luxurious rental apartments are located in Estepona and designed with a focus on the details and finishing. With the highest quality furniture, appliances and services being provided, these apartments maintain their repute high regarding customer care and quality.

When you are staying at these suites, you will get to avail all the facilities and services being provided such as heated swimming pools with waterfalls, sauna, Turkish bath, and gym.

Golf near the rental apartments

If you are a golf player and love playing golf, then you have come to the perfect location. The luxury apartments of Estepona are positioned at proximity to the 70 beautiful golf courses which you can choose from. Additional good news for the golfers is the perfect weather conditions for golf in Estepona which stays the same all year around!