India is the best country for finding a large number of natural beauty and different culture. In one country, you will find tons of languages and cultures. Depending on the location, the beauty of nature will vary. Most of the cities of India is full of natural beauties. Among different cities, Dharamshala is one of the best cities to visit.

Dharamshala is a city in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh where tons of visitors come in every year for enjoying different exciting places. If you are thinking to make a tour plan for this region, make sure that you know which the best things are to do. Here I am going to share top 5 things to do in this place.

  1. Sightseeing

You can go for the sightseeing in this place. You can explore both historical and heritage in Dharamshala. You will find some architectural structures which 100 years are old. You will like the colorful life this city.

  1. Delicious Foods

You may have heard about only some common Indian foods. But your knowledge will enrich when you are visiting this place. Enjoy the delicious Tibetan food. The region has been a Tibetan settlement since 1959. Local foods are mind-blowing, and you will remember them for a long time for sure. Keep this thing in your bucket when visiting Dharamshala.

  1. Camping

There is nothing more adventurous than camping on nature. If you are looking for the best place in India for camping, my recommendation will be Dharamshala. You can go for some hills of the region where you will find quiet and calm environment. No matter if you have never gone for camping. Spend the night in your own tent with full of natural oxygen. If you are going for a group tour, this can be an exciting thing for you.

  1. Yoga

India is one of the ancient countries where people started yoga a long ago. There are so many yoga centers in this place. If you want to be a yoga specialist, you can start Yoga Trainings In Dharamshala. International standard trainers will give you the basic and advanced concept of yoga.

  1. Go paragliding in Bir Billing

This thing is going to be the best part of your Dharamshala tour. You will get a breathtaking view from the top. For this, Bir Billing is the best place which is merely 65 km from Dharamshala. People from different regions come to this place for enjoying the most exciting paragliding tour.