Hawaii National Park is located on the Big Island of Hawaii which is about 45 minutes away from Hilo airport and almost 2-hour drive away from the Kona Airport.

It is renowned for its two active volcanoes which are Kilauea and Mauna Loa. It is quite rare that one gets to see the volcanic eruptions during his visit there. Visit this blog to gain more insight into this amazing place.

Here are some awesome things that you should add on your to-do list when you visit this place.

  1. Volcano house dining room

This place at national volcanoes park is one the most awesome place in this area. If you are the kind of person who admires the natural beauty and has a good aesthetic sense, then you should book a night or two at this place to feast your eyes with the enthralling scenes. The breakfast and dinner they present are awesome and delicious.

  1. Jaggar Museum

It is one of those places that is not to be missed at all when it comes to visiting a national park. It is a combination of beautiful art along with geological and cultural educational displays.

If your schedule matches, then you may get to attend a presentation at the museum which is worth attending. This place offers the closest view to the Halemaumau Crater.

  1. Look for bird species

This place is host to endangered Nene which is Hawaiian Goose and is quite common in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The park has various signs all along the way and at multiple spots to wary the visitors and make them aware of the presence of an endangered animal. The green lands which are close to this area offer the spot to find these birds.