History, Art, and museums rule superior in Moscow, one of the most pristinely and amazingly preserved cities. This unique walking city is also recommended by partners. Here you can walk through 15th-century cathedrals, discover Russian iconography and see the experts of Russian post-impressionism all in one day’s tour.

Moscow’s shopping moments and nightlife are some of the unique and luxurious points in the world. Make sure to bring a sufficient dress and money for spending the night, or you might not pass “face control” at your door.

All around the KREMLIN

The KREMLIN starts from the Alexander Garden, a monument of Moscow center. The garden is renowned for its typical structural monuments, extremely amazing flowerbeds and history. The Everlasting flame in the memory of the fallen heroes in the World War II shines before the Kremlin Kutafya Structure. Alexander Garden does not seem possible to skip if you are going to the Kremlin, an indication of the Russian State, one of the biggest architectural symbol in the world, a treasury of fantastic artifacts and typical monuments of art.

The Kremlin is the formal President’s residence and continues to be a stunning governmental milestone. On the way from the Kremlin to the Red Square, you will discover the State History Museum, with an amazing assortment of works of art, illustrating Russian historical background.

Near The Bolshoi Theatre

Not far from the Kremlin and the primary road of Moscow – Tverskaya road you will discover the Theater Square. The square is located over the Neglinka River that was surrounded by an underground Pipe in 1819. Now it is a green square with two amazing features.

The Bolshoi Theater is an indication of Russian federation for all-time. It was granted this respect due to the significant participation to the history of the Russian performing arts. This history is ongoing and today Bolshoi Theater performers continue to promote it many pages.

The Novodevichy Convent

The Novodevichy Convent was part of a series of monastic ensembles included in the defense system of the city. The convent was straight connected with the psychological, political, social reputation of the Russian federation, and carefully connected to the Moscow Kremlin. The convent provides an example of the maximum achievements of Russian architecture with wealthy decorations and an important assortment of artwork and artifacts.


The Moscow City has its memorable appeal. It was started out in 1935, and it became one of the USSR’s most luxurious structural and architectural tasks. That is why most of the main underground stations look like an assortment. Every place has its feelings, different designs, and amazing story. Take an outing in Moscow underground Metro to get a memorable impact on the city.

Zoo and Planetarium

The Moscow Zoo is one of the earliest zoos in Russian countries. Its first name has been Zoological Recreation place, and it was started out in 1864. Nowadays Zoo is situated right in the center of the big city. It looks like a fairy castle with a waterfall and towers. This gets into brings to the old part of the zoo, where the features include the big kitties, a nice underground watching space below the penguin share, a dolphinarium, as well as the sea lion housing that lets you watch them swimming from below.