New York is an amazing metropolitan city that never sleeps. According to a cliché, if you can survive in New York, you can survive anywhere. For anyone who is visiting the city for the first time, it might seem bustling with a crowd, too fast-paced and overpriced, but it’s a norm for the residents.

The city is filled with exquisite places to explore, but there might be some of the things that you should prioritize to experience in New York City. In the article, we will be covering the 08 things that you should do in New York City.

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  1. Rent a bike

To experience the extravagance of the city, you should rent a bike to paddle around the park. During your bike ride, you will be able to experience a zoo, a castle, ice-skating, a theater, and Egyptian obelisk and beautiful strawberry fields.

  1. A trip to the Liberty Island

The trip to the liberty island can be troublesome to some extent. The security clearance can be a hectic procedure and the tickets to climb up the stairs of the statue need to be reserved at least a year before. Therefore, take a ferry ride and experience the grandeur of the statue while you sail past it, which is free and runs 24 hours a day.

  1. Eat at local places

While you are in New York, experience its full grandeur by visiting the places that offer the delicious signature local cuisine rather than visiting these extravagant fast food chains. Yelp reviews can be really helpful in finding these places to eat.

  1. Consider travel times

New York is a very busy city with the equal number of people traveling in vehicles as well as on foot. While planning any excursions, make sure to take the traveling time into consideration since you will run into a traffic jam more often than not.

  1. Don’t Take a Cab

While being in New York, there is a general rule that everyone follows, if you are running late then don’t take a cab because it will get stuck in a traffic Jam, and if you have ample time, then there is no point in taking a cab since they are ridiculously expensive.

  1. Don’t Block Sidewalks

In New York, the sidewalks are highways for people on foot, and therefore maintain your pace while walking on one and, most certainly, don’t stop abruptly. The result of doing so will be people bumping into you who will either hurt them or you.

  1. Tip 20%

All over the world, it might be a standard to tip 15%, but it is different in New York. Being one of the busiest and most expensive cities in the world, the tipping standard is around 18%, but the average tipping would be 20%.